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Enjoy Würzburg with all your senses.

So that you can experience an unforgettable stay, exactly according to your ideas, we offer you a variety of different offers.

Discover our modular system and be surprised by our insider tips.



Be amazed...

Language and music transmit emotions

Baroque classic to jazz. Würzburg and the surrounding area offer a wide variety of events for culture lovers.

Let us accompany you on your journey through the variety of different offers and benefit from unique offers from our partner companies.



Classic Franconian, bourgeois-regional, international or modern creative.

In Würzburg you can expect a variety of different inns, guest rooms, beer gardens and restaurants up to star cuisine.

Embark on a guided discovery tour or let yourself be pampered in one of our partner restaurants.



Experience ...

Sights as far as the eye can see:

Mozart on October 16, 1808: "Go home via Würzburg and Bamberg so that you can see a bit of the world. If the weather is good, you will enjoy this tour a lot."

See with your own eyes what Mozart meant: e.gbetween the old Main bridge, the majestically enthroned Marienberg fortress, countless towers and churches, with a view of StiftHaug with its mighty Roman dome reminiscent a little of Florence, but also the numerous gardens, small towns, alleys, facades, fountains and buildings of historical importance.

Discover the city of Würzburg guided by enthusiastic locals or our night watchman by lantern light.


Discover ...

Franconia's landscape invites you to extensive hiking, pleasure and bicycle tours. Discover the area around Würzburg up close with one of our adventure packages.

Golf, swimming, rowing, marathons, horseback riding, tennis, cycling, sightseeing flights, even mountaineering, the Stein-Wine-Path, or just slowing down?

We are happy to take care of your picnic:
We provide you with a chilled bottle of wine (for centuries the Bockstüte has been a Franconian wine specialty that connoisseurs should have tasted), snacks, fresh fruit and bicycles.
There is no more beautiful and relaxed way to sharpen all your senses  .

Romantisches Picknick Paar
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