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The famous writer Goethe on 16.10.1808: "

Go home via Würzburg and Bamberg, so that you can see a little of the world.

If you have good weather, this tour will give you much pleasure "


Discover on your own what Goethe probably meant: between the old bridge over the Main,

the loftily enthroned fortress Marienberg, countless towers and churches,

when looking at StiftHaug with its mighty Roman dome a little reminiscent of Florence,

but also the numerous gardens, villages, alleys, facades, fountains and buildings with historical significance.

Explore the city of Würzburg guided by enthusiastic locals or our night watchman by lantern light.

Coming soon.

A glass of wine served on the bridge


Start your perfect Würzburg experience with a guided tour for wine connoisseurs that takes you from the Falkenhaus on the market square, past the Gothic Marienkapelle to the old Mainbrücke, the city's most convivial meeting place. Once there, a glass of cool Franconian wine awaits you, for which a coupon from the Würzburg wine list can already be used, as well as a magnificent panoramic view of the Marienberg fortress, the cathedral, the Käppele and the "Würzburger Stein".


Immerse yourself in the lively life of the Main metropolis and experience the city charm that not even locals can resist. Enjoy the incomparable atmosphere and learn interesting facts about the city and the old Main Bridge and the 12 bridge figures that have adorned the old Main Bridge for more than 300 years.

Night guard


Dive into the fascinating world of Würzburg's history with the Würzburg night watchman, a true original and landmark of the city.

For more than 25 years, he has been one of the longest-working night watchmen in Germany, guiding his guests through the evening streets of Würzburg in 19th century garb with halberd, tricorn, horn and lantern. In Franconian dialect he tells exciting and cheerful stories from the rich historical past of the bishop's city.

The entertaining tour takes you through a magnificent backdrop of illuminated historical buildings, past Count Eckard's town hall, St. Kilian's Cathedral and the Gothic Lady Chapel on the market square.

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