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Our story, our philosophy.

A visit to one of the formerly most important baroque cities is worthwhile!

With our house and our philosophy, we would like to contribute to making Würzburg unforgettable and to offer you a remarkable stay according to your needs.



Hospitality has always been the focus of our family.


Built around 1860 in the style of a mansion with a clear facade structure,

renovated after the war, structurally expanded around 2000 and modernized,

the hotel justified since then its distinction as a 4-star hotel.

Reduce classification - Increase Claims!


With this regard, we do not follow any common standards. 

Individual, appreciative, attentive, regional, friendly, conservative
and yet fresh, modern, creative

are the demands we expect from ourselves and our hotel. 

When you rate us  as *excellent,

this is worth much more to us than another star.

In the heart of the old episcopal city 

we are waiting to be your hosts.


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