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Grab some coffee...

For many people, coffee is an essential part of life, whether for breakfast or with a delicious fresh cake, as a treat or a wake-up call. We show you where there is a nice place to get your favourite hot drink just around the corner, opposite our hotel.

As in our last article, we don't just want to provide you with places to go for good cuisine or culture in our blog. Rather, we want to share something of our passion for good quality with you. That's why today's article, before revealing the actual Würzburg tip, is all about quality features. So that you can also enjoy first-class coffee at home after your stay in Würzburg, we answer the question for you today: What are the differences in the quality of coffee?


How to choose the coffee that matches you best?

Of course, there are many subtle differences that influence the quality of a coffee. This article, however, covers "only" the three best features of good coffee to evaluate.

1. Farming area

This is not at all about the country from which the coffee beans come, but rather about the altitude of the area where the coffee plants are grown. A distinction is made between highland and lowland coffee.

As a rule, highland coffee is considered to be of higher quality, as the slower maturing process at higher altitudes has a positive effect on the aroma variety of the bean.

2. Roasting

In addition to the growing region, the roasting process plays a decisive role, not only in terms of the quality of the coffee. Temperature differences in the roasting drum significantly change the appearance and taste of the coffee bean. As a rule of thumb, if the emphasis is on acidity and fruity notes at low roasting temperatures, a hotter roasting process will produce stronger flavours.

3. Price

As with many things in life, good quality coffee comes at a price. So if you are looking for first-class coffee with fine aromas, your desired growing region and a roast that suits you, we recommend visiting a dealer who specialises in coffee. Take into account the price of production, transport, roasting, packaging, shipping, distribution and that in the end coffee farmers should be able to live from their work - a kilogram of coffee of this quality costs about €20.00+....

And now to the actual topic: good coffee in Würzburg.

Just around the corner, the Petit Café team awaits you with first-class coffee, delicious pastries, cakes, freshly prepared dishes that change daily and warm hospitality.

Address: Pleichertorstraße 3, 97070 Würzburg | Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 09.00 - 16.00 and Saturday from 09.00 - 14.00.

Our tip: Have you ever tried "Cold-Brew"? Even if it looks like cold coffee at first glance, this trend has a lot more to offer.

By slowly extracting the coffee powder at low temperatures, usually for a period of 24 hours, the coffee develops different flavours, often reminiscent of citrus fruits. Even if we are not friends of all the trends in the world, this one is still worth a look.

P.s. Due to the gentle, cold extraction, the Cold-Brew contains 4x as much caffeine as hot-brewed coffee.

as hot-brewed coffee. Just try it...


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