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The best gelato in town

Temperatures are rising, warm winds are blowing through the city, the city's cafés are full. In short, it's summer in Würzburg: time for a culinary cool-down and a pleasure trip to Italy.

Cremiges Speiseeis - Eine kulinarische Genussreise für Ihren Gaumen. Entdecken Sie das beste Gelato in Würzburg.

Smurf blue or inky black, creamy or almost liquid, imaginatively decorated or simply in a cone: can you resist the sight of fresh ice cream in the windows of your local ice cream parlours? Why should you, since it reminds us not only of culinary cooling on hot summer days, but also of past Italian holidays.

This summer, however, we would like to invite you not to Italy, but rather to Franconia - to the Main metropolis of Würzburg - and introduce you to what we consider to be the best ice cream in the entire city. Before that, however, there is an important question to answer:

How can you recognise a really good artisanal ice cream?


So how can you identify really good gelato?

As we all know, tastes are different.

Nevertheless, there are three basic rules that will help you to judge the quality of the ice cream parlour.

1. colour and taste

Be careful with bright colours and intense flavours. Artificial flavours and colourings are usually used here. Good ice cream should have neutral colours and taste natural.

2. creaminess

If you have a feeling of freshness, lightness and a creamy finish on the palate, consider yourself lucky. You have found an ice cream parlour that takes its craft seriously. If the ice cream feels greasy or oily in your mouth, too much fat has usually been used.

3. the appearance

A good ice cream must be soft, smooth and supple. The appearance of crystals indicates rapid temperature changes and may be a sign that the ice cream is not fresh or that the display case is not at the optimum temperature.

Of course, the experience of the ice cream parlour or confectioner, their personal preferences and other factors are also important in the assessment. However, we are happy to leave that up to you.

and finally: The best gelato place in Würzburg.

Now we have hopefully made ice cream tasty enough for you. So it's time to lift the curtain and introduce the best ice cream parlour in Würzburg.


Address: Spiegelstraße 3, 97070 Würzburg | Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 12.00 - 19.00,

If your mouth has been watering while reading this article, but you don't have a beloved ice cream parlour nearby and your (next) visit to Würzburg is still a little while off, we have a tip for you: How about making your own ice cream? Under the following link you will find a selection of the best blogs on the subject of ice cream.


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