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2 side actors with an exciting story

For your next visit to Würzburg Cathedral, we invite you on a short historical excursion.

Hidden in the southern aisle of Würzburg Cathedral are two very old testimonies to medieval church building in Europe. Known and mentioned in writing since 1230, the two nodal columns have probably existed since a cathedral was built around 1160 AD.

Together, the two stand for steadfastness and strength, reminding the faithful of their firm belief in a strong and decisive God.

While there is disagreement in research about the meaning of the names "Jachin" and "Boaz", the two bear distinctive characteristics. Thus, "Boaz" has a 4-fold entwining cord with 2 knots, while "Jachin" has 4 knots with an 8-fold entwining cord.

By the way, the two 2.45 m high columns are named after the entrance columns of Solomon's temple in Jerusalem and have not always been in their present location. Originally, the two were designed for the double-storey porch of the Würzburg Cathedral around 1230 and were placed on both sides of the entrance. When the porch was demolished around 1644, both knotted columns were moved to the south aisle of the cathedral and thus to their present location.


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