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The romantic street

On 500km, the long-distance hiking trail "Romantic Road" leads from the vineyards of Würzburg, over the fertile farmland in the Central Franconian Basin, the riparian forests of the Danube to the diversity of the rafting town of Füssen on the Lech. Discover romantic places that already inspired painters in the 19th century.

Enjoy the slower pace of life. Movement in the fresh air - whether on your own two legs or on an (electric) bicycle - takes you away from the hectic pace of everyday life. Perception becomes sharper, small things, to which otherwise hardly any importance is attached, suddenly become visible again. Be it the beauty of the field, the pure clear air of the beech forest or the small whitecaps on the numerous water surfaces along the Lech. Discover the romantic road.

Your journey from Franconia to the Allgäu starts in Würzburg. From here, well-signposted (almost exclusively) forest and field paths lead you through atmospheric and varied cultural landscapes, small markets, picturesque towns and villages with their very own historical significance. On your way from north to south you will experience a wide variety of landscapes. River valleys, farmland, meadows, forests, lakes and finally the majestic peaks of the Ammergau Alps.

But it is not only culture and landscape that impresses on the 500km adventure trail. Along the routes, countless inns, restaurants and hidden gems of regional cuisine invite you to take a break. Enjoy hearty meals, regional wines and beers and above all the typical dishes of Franconia, Swabia and Upper Bavaria.

The entire route, GPS data and further information can be found here:


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