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City of Churches

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sacred buildings?

Rome? Venice? Paris or Milan? How nice that history and architecture can often be found in places you wouldn't necessarily expect.

Probably Würzburg does not come to mind when you think of these very churches. How could you; the Franconian metropolis on the Main is rather known for its mild climate, wines from steep vineyards and its historic architecture. But sometimes things in life turn up exactly where you least expect them. Despite its tranquil area of "only" just under 90 square kilometres, Würzburg is home to almost 60 churches, which is why the city is often referred to as the "City of Churches".

It is therefore (almost) impossible to visit all these churches during a single stay in Würzburg. We would therefore like to recommend our personal highlights for your next visit. The most famous buildings in our city include:

  • St. Kilian's Cathedral

  • Neumünster Church

  • St. Burkard

  • Haug Abbey

  • Court church of the Residenz

  • Marienkirche (Fortress)

  • The Käppele

  • Augustinian Church

  • St. Peter and Paul

  • New building church

  • St. Stephen's

  • Carmelite Church

  • Sacred Heart Church

  • Adalbero Church

Enjoy discovering these historic buildings, whose walls have a story or two to tell.


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