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Very popular, controversial.

The Würzburg Brückenschoppen. Immerse yourself in the lively life of the Main metropolis and experience the city charm that not even locals can resist.

A breathtaking view of the Schlossberg vineyard towering over Würzburg, the steady murmur of the Main underfoot and a cool glass of a local wine speciality in your hand. We invite you to end your day on the old Main bridge. Enjoy glorious summer evenings and autumn sunsets at one of the city's most beautiful photographic spots, with a steady view of the city's lively hustle and bustle.

This endeavour, which is very popular even among locals, sometimes leads to such a rush that controversial discussions are now carried up to higher political levels.

The reason for this is by no means the consumption of local wine specialities. No, it is rather the constant confrontation between pedestrians and cyclists. As the old Main bridge is part of the romantic road as an official cycle path, there can always be inconsistencies between the parties involved when there are large crowds on the bridge. However, applications to ban this Würzburg local speciality were rejected (in favour of the local gastronomy), so you can continue to experience this spectacle in the future.

Our tip: Look around occasionally, so you can save yourself frightening seconds caused by the ringing of angry cyclists. As a cyclist, we recommend that you dismount and surrender to the charming hustle and bustle of the city.

The closing time at the Alte Mainmühle is at 10.30 pm. Glasses can still be returned until 11 pm.

We hope you enjoy yourselves.


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