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Welcome to Würzburg

How about a visit to Franconia's Main metropolis this year?

You don't have to travel around the world to create wonderful memories. Instead of long queues at the check-in desk or crowded trains, experiences are often so close.

Würzburg is a surprise. A city that is impressive not only with its works of art - with a lot of charm, culinary discoveries and exciting city history awaits you.

To ensure that you are perfectly prepared during your visit to the old baroque city, we have published this blog for you.

From now on, we want to be the place to go for all the information you need about Würzburg. Today we already start with the first insights for an unforgettable Würzburg experience.

5 sights that you should not miss in any case.


Not only architecture lovers are surprised by the Falkenhaus with its magnificent rococo stucco decoration, which today makes it one of the most beautiful rococo facades in Germany.

The building was once the residence of the cathedral priest before it became the property of the innkeeper Franz Thomas Meißner in 1735, whose widow later had it decorated with the facade.

Adress: Marktplatz 9, 97070 Würzburg


Right next door, in the heart of central Würzburg, the Marienkapelle awaits you. Not only the imposing architecture, but also works by various sculptors, such as Tilmann Riemenschneider, make every visit a cultural experience. By the way: Despite its size, the late Gothic church building from the 14th century still counts as a chapel under church law, as it was built by citizens in 1377!

Adress: Marktplatz 7, 97070 Würzburg


There are 60 churches in Würzburg and even more steeples. With a length of 105 meters, St. Kilian's Cathedral, built around 918, is considered the fourth largest Romanesque chapel in Germany. The baroque Schönborn Chapel, designed by Balthasar-Neumann, is harmoniously built on the side. After bombing raids in 1945, the cathedral was completely burned out, and the entire renovation and restoration finally took until 1967. Today, the cathedral shines in its old glory, and not only from the outside. Few experts head inside specifically for the two Gnostic knot columns, which are replicas of the columns from Solomon's temple. Mysterious - after all, these are symbols of the Freemasons - adjacent to the magnificent medieval cloister.

Start your journey of discovery with the sound of bells or an organ concert.

Adress: Domstraße 40, 97070 Würzburg | Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 10 am – 5pm, Sunday and Public Holiday 1pm - 6pm.

The ResidenCE

The archbishop's residence in Würzburg and the courtyard garden are one of the most beautiful places in the city. It was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site as early as 1981, which is not surprising considering its magnificent architecture and history. Here you will once again find traces of one of Würzburg's famous historical figures: Balthasar Neumann - one of the most important Baroque and Rococo architects in (southern) Germany. The Residence was built according to his plans from 1720 -1744. The building is by no means the work of a single builder. Various artists, such as Antonio Bossi (with his famous frescoes) and, of course, the ceiling painting by Tiepolo, have raised the building, through their wide-ranging relationships beyond any narrowness to an international level.

Adress: Residenzplatz 2, 97070 Würzburg | Opening Times: from April til October daily 9am - 6pm, from November til March 10am – 4.30pm


Majestically like a sphinx, the Marienberg Fortress is enthroned on the steeply rising vineyards above the old bishop's town. Start your discovery journey already on the Old Main Bridge, an imposing structure from the 15th/16th century. The uniqueness of this stone bridge is given by the baroque figures of saints on this former triumphal road of the bishops from the cathedral to the fortress. After a short ascent, the effort is rewarded with a breathtaking view over the roofs of Würzburg. The best way to reach the fortress is on foot via the stairs or the well-marked walking path through the vineyard. Through the vineyard it takes about 45 minutes, via the stairs about 30 minutes.


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