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Worth a trip every time...

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

We don't like to tell you about tips outside Würzburg, as we want you to enjoy our beautiful city. This time, however, you will find a destination that is definitely worth a day trip.

Nur 8 km mainabwärts vor Würzburg liegt, inmitten eines der bedeutendsten Rokokogärten Deutschlands, Schloss Veitshöchheim, bis 1802 der Sommersitz der Würzburger Fürstbischöfe. Ursprünglich ein Jagdstützpunkt, entstand hier unter Fürstbischof Peter Philipp von Dernbach 1680 bis 1682 das Sommerschloss, das 1749 bis 1753 durch Balthasar Neumann erweitert wurde und eine neue Dachform erhielt. Aus dieser Zeit stammen auch die Deckenstuckaturen von Antonio Bossi, bis 1780 entstanden die Treppenhausskulpturen von Johann Peter Wagner.

Just 8km down the River Main from Würzburg you will find picturesque Veitshöchheim, where plenty of sights and special features are awaiting you. Churches, chapels, galleries and the Jewish Culture Museum offer a fine selection of art and culture. But it is not only these institutions that are worthwhile during your visit. The community attaches great importance to leaving a lasting impression with its external appearance. In addition to a traffic-calmed old town with cobblestone streets, you will find plenty of well-kept and spruced-up houses.

Don't miss the 18th-century example of episcopal architecture by master builder Balthasar Neumann and the 12.5-hectare forest-bishop's court garden. Designed in the 18th century according to the French model, the picturesque rococo garden around the small summer palace is considered one of the best preserved in Germany. Niches with benches that invite you to linger, lots of ornate garden sculptures, romantic water features and lovingly designed arcades can be discovered on guided tours (every Saturday at 11:00 am between 7 May and 15 October - meeting point Pheasant Gate).

Ask at the hotel for current experiences, events and guided tours in Veitshöchheim or click on the following link.

We will of course be happy to assist you with your excursion to Veitshöchheim and support you with useful tips. We hope you have fun, make new discoveries and enjoy your visit. Because not only today, but many years ago, Franconia was considered a magical voyage of discovery.

Karl Leberecht Immermann (1796-1840) already said one thing: "Franconia is like a magic cabinet, ever new drawers open up and reveal colourful, shining gems, and there is no end to it."


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